Hangover survival must: Avon eye brightening pencil

Let me preface this by assuring you I am NOT drunk as I type this post.

However, I am drunk when I write many posts — it’s a job hazard of…well, my job…you often go to a few events, and then, weary eyed (and a few cocktails in) have to come home and work your way through the night in order to meet a deadline.

The result? The next morning, not only do you have a hangover, but WORSE: You look like you have a hangover.

Now, in my life, I wear a few hats, and much like the economics professor who doesn’t really CARE that your chemistry professor is giving you an exam the same day, one editor does not care that I have a deadline with another editor. And I like to have as many deadlines as possible – it’s how I can afford clothes to wear to said events where I must go in order to see people, and yet will drink too many cocktails and then have to still do said work for said editors with said deadlines.

Are you noticing a cyclical dynamic yet?

Now, before you think I’m a functional alcoholic, I’m not – I’m simply an overachiever at being social — AND a workaholic – and this by default requires me to get up early and go to bed late, no matter the circumstances. And, more often than not, this also requires me to look presentable (and, many times, PHOTO PRESENTABLE), and so hiding tired eyes is pretty much mandatory.

Which brings me to my point – sorry it took a while to get there – I just noticed  Avon Eye Brightening Pencil is right now on sale for $3.99 (regularly $7), and trust me when I say you need to get on board with that. It’s a life-saver: A shadow pencil and a liner in one. It’ll make your eyes look instantly whiter and brighter and AWAKE. Live the lie. It’s truly the least you can do. (Other than sleeping, drinking less, and being a responsible human, that is…but under those circumstances, you’d STILL need this in your arsenal, I think.)

Disclaimer: I am an Avon blogger ambassador and was compensated for this post — however, all opinions expressed herein were my own.


  1. Ravzie

    This looks like a useful product. To look awake, I usually put a smidge of white eyeshadow under the outer half of my eyebrows. I think it helps.

  2. LOVE these! I’m an Avon Representative and for good reason. The products are amazing. It’s not just my bias talking when I say these little pencil GEMS are worth the few bucks to try. Thanks for the topic, Aly! Glad you tried it, yourself.

  3. kimberly emerson

    Oops, I put my email address where I should have put my name. I got so excited when I saw this pencil I just started typing like a monkey. Monkeys don’t type well.

  4. john

    ….ummm….got confused on something there for a sec…..avon pays you to go out to “events” at night and get drunk…..or….you get paid to get drunk and then write for them….? THIS IS AWESOME. See in my work, they never let you drink. And I really hate that. So….uhhh…I kind of have to ask……would you maybe drop a line of reference for me with them…..??? Cause that would be pretty awesome!!!!

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