Eucerin Healthy Skin Challenge: September is Healthy Skin Awareness Month!

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to have an appointment with celebrity dermatologist Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, where she evaluated my skin and gave me my very own customized Eucerin healthy skin perscription.

A lot of my issues were related to redness and my rosacea, and the redness relief products were high on the list of products Dr. Ingleton thought I should use…and I have been, for the previous three months!

This week, in celebration of it being Skin Care Awareness Month, and time for my followup, I visited with Dr. Ingleton again – and she said I was doing great! I also learned new ways to take care other stuff I have going on with my skin, and make it look great.
Check out my video diary!

The aspect of skin health the doctor and I are working on now, is, believe it or not KERATIN.

The item I am obsessed with in my hair is actually being a bit of a demon in my skin. Turns out while I need more of it in my hair, I have a bit too much of it in my skin, and it caused a skin issue known as keratosis pilaris. This has been on my arms for as long as I can remember, but the good news is, it fades with age – especially with proper care. Good skin care can reduce the buildup of keratin on the skin surface.

So, now on my list of planned attack arsenal is Eucerin’s Dry Skin Calming Body Wash, and Professional Repair very dry skin lotions.  I’m excited to finally have a name for the annoying red arms I’ve had for years! (My mom always called them chicken skin, now they are a real thing!)

Whether you have a worrisome mole, breakout issues, or just dry, dreary skin — or are completely thrilled with your skin – having a great dermatologist is super important. Skin cancer is no laughing matter, and there’s tons of other potential skin issues to keep an eye on!

In case you want to have a “Digital Derm” on the ready, take a sec to check out the Eucerin Facebook page – and get all your questions answered. (And remember, there’s never a question not worth asking!)

This is a sponsored post, however all thoughts expressed herein are my own.


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  1. ravzie@

    Avoid red wine????? Oh my!

    I hope the Eucerin works for you!!

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