Budget Beauty Boast: NYC New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer

Raise your hand if primer is one of those morning makeup routine steps you tend to skip.

I’m sometimes guilty of this — but I can tell you when I look at photos of myself from some media event, I can tell you INSTANTLY if that was a day I had “skipped a step” or not — and you know why? It makes a difference between a smooth,flawless finish…and, well, not.

Makeup primer is incredibly easy to use — there’s no “technique” to it, in the sense of if we had been chatting about eyelashes or liner, you just use it after moisturizer — and before foundation – to help create a smooth,surface. This surface is the base for foundation in the same way that if you were to use body tanner, you’d want to make sure you exfoliate first (more on that topic later this week!) – but primer (duh) PRIMES THE SKIN – it is that important first step that fills in all those creaks and valleys (as it were) so that when you get to your makeup, you don’t have the sticky situation where makeup settles into your lines and pores.Essentially, you wear primer so everything else you put on after looks better.

You totally know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you have flawless skin and probably don’t need any makeup WHATSOEVER anyway.

But it also helps you avoid your makeup wearing off mid-day – which is something all of us love. Because all of us have looked into that hallway mirror and staggered back in fright at WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO OUR FACE.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post – just recently, I was sent NYC New York Color’s Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer to try out. First of all, the price — $3.99?! (and LESS if you know how to seek out coupons, which obviously I do, and you should) – just take a second to see what the OTHER primers out there cost (we’re talking 10X the price, or MORE), and that alone is notice-worthy. And I began to wonder…is THAT the issue? With primers being expensive, are people choosing to skip it — thinking that if they are going to have a budget beauty box, that’s the item they could most easily not own? When being forced to choose between another lipstick or a product that largely exists to make other products you are wearing look better, is price the reason that primer (for many) often doesn’t make the final cut?

So, being at $3.99 this primer fell into the “fun to buy and play with” category for many of you vs. the “do I really need it, it’s kind of expensive” category, maybe it’ll be your gateway “drug” – maybe not. But I can tell you that I like it – it’s a similar consistency to many of the other primers I use – think serumy-feeling-lotion-like-with-a-shimmer. Some people aren’t a fan of shimmer – those of you with oily skin may not enjoy it as much as I am, but I thought it helped for extra silky luminosity – very much appreciated in my life, when I never have bright sunny skin NATURALLY. And it got the job done – with it, my makeup went on smoother, and stayed on all day — all with a 3.99 (vs, say, $50) price tag; absolutely a great bet for those of you who have been afraid to invest in a primer in the past.

I am a NYC New York Color  blogger ambassador and was compensated for this post. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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