Breathing air into our skincare routine

It may sound hokey to reiterate, but air is life.

It’s oxygen that keeps us alive – from a baby’s first breath to a (hopefully) older adult’s last.

And so it makes sense that infusing air — oxygen, as it is — into our cells is the best way to keep our skin young and healthy.

In theory, at least. But is that the actuality?  There’s much in the land of oxygenated beauty and skincare products – many that promised improved skin elasticity, skin brightness and youthfulness. We may even call it a a trend – but above all, we just want to know if it works! (And the best products to try!)

Check out the story I did this week for LovingYou.com on just that – oxygen-infused skincare! I also ask some of my beauty besties – like Amber Katz and Jeannine Morris – for their input. And, if you have any favorites, would love your thoughts as well!


What do you think?

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