Breakfast with Betsey Johnson (and Her New Fragrance, Too Too!)

How do you generally spend your early morning Tuesday hours?

If it’s over coffee and a newspaper as you ready for work, you are probably a normal human being.

But if you are me, and having a very lucky morning, you get to spend it with your idol — Betsey Johnson — over breakfast on her birthday, as she  launches her new fragrance, Too Too with a huge party at Milk Studios.

Yes, I know. I am still pinching myself.

It was pretty amazing. Betsey Johnson is gorgeous – on the inside and out – and she gave me a big hug when she saw me! And, obviously when said hug is attached to pink cupcakes, champagne, plush pink couches, and a private dance performance – at 9 am – who am I to complain?

Anyway, the reason for this birthday brunch among ladies was actually to launch her newest fragrance, Too Too.

The design for the bottle — which I love and is already adorning my vanity – is her collection of vintage Schiapparelli bottles. It’s also inspired by Jean Paul Gaultier’s iconic glass bottles.

The scent of Too Too is fresh and free-spirited (just like Betsey) and a delicious blend of florals and fruitiness. Note mandarin, sweet passion fruit, ginger and strawberry.

You may not know this, but Betsey is a former ballerina – which explains a lot of the design as well – don’t you love it??

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  1. nancy reid

    OH Aly ~ you look adorable! Now where is the giveaway for the Betsy Johnson perfume. ~

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