Beauty secrets flight attendants swear by

Image: NY Post

Image: NY Post

As a frequent traveler, I’m always finding ways to make travel as seamless as possible.

This often involves packing smartly and eating right — both that I continue to struggle with — but it’s also in great part about protecting my skin from disastrous elements of flying as well as changes in climates.

Recently, I came across an article on Yahoo about the  #1 Beauty Secret Weapon Flight Attendants Swear By for Perfect Skin (Spoiler alert: it’s skincare items that contain hyaluronic acid), and I realized there’s a lot we can learn from flight attendants when it comes to looking and feeling better as we travel. They are always in transit, and many look incredible while they are at it.

So, I consulted a plastic surgeon and asked what they are doing that we should be doing, and what we’re doing right now that we shouldn’t be!

Watch where you sit — and where you put your face

“Patients with sensitive skin should avoid contact with surfaces that may irritate their face and neck.  Detergents that may be used to clean pillow cases and/or blankets could initiate an allergic response or dermatitis causing an untoward skin reaction,” says Dr. Michael Lee, a plastic surgeon based in Chicago.

Warm towels

Flight attendants have warm towels at their disposal that they can use to refresh and soothe dry skin. Warm towels are great for opening skin pores and cleaning the skin surface.  They also may provide a sense of soothing relaxation, which can make the flight more enjoyable, says Dr. Lee.

Don’t change your skincare regime

As a beauty writer, I know the perils of messing with a skincare routine. Yet, how many of us have one routine at home and bring entirely other stuff with us in our carryon bag? It’s not necessary. “In today’s world many toiletries must be transferred to smaller containers for air travel.  Skin care and other aesthetic products are no different.  Consistency with skin care is of the utmost importance.  The same regimen used at home should be used while traveling to maintain skin characteristics,” says Dr. Lee.

Stay away from alcohol

It’s easy to be drawn to alcohol and caffeine when we travel, but this is terrible for jet lag, our skin, and how we feel when we get to our destination. “While getting drunk on a plane is awesome – it is one of the worst for body hydration,” says Dr. Lee.  Try to consume lots of water to stay hydrated.  Avoid drinks with high sodium and carbonation which can lead to water retention and bloating.

Be prepped

Moisturize prior to flying and even during long flights to maintain optimal skin hydration.  And stay away from makeup, you don’t need it to fly — Also, says Dr. Lee,  avoiding foundation helps to maximize skin hydration.

Protect your eyes

Avoid using artificial tears that are hypertonic solutions.  “While these drops provide immediate relief for dryness they do not lubricate the eyes and can potentially worsen symptoms.  Lubricating solutions such as Refresh are more desirable as a treatment for dryness,” says Dr. Lee.  Moreover, Visine and other constricting agents may be judiciously used to “take the red out” if absolutely needed.

Eat right!

Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  As with all of our organs – a healthy balanced meal will do your body good.  Vegetables and fruits are high in antioxidants, which are not only great for your skin but overall health, says Dr. Lee.

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  1. Nancy Reid

    I have a long flight this fall! Thanks for the great advice!

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