Amazing Urban Decay Sale!

If you have a soul, you love Urban Decay makeup.

Actually, even if you don’t have a soul – thus making you a vampire, perhaps, and then hot – you probably do as well, and in that case (or in any case) – you have a MAJOR excuse to go shopping right this second.

It seems, a bunch of awesome stuff – including some of my very favorite items are RIGHT NOW on clearance for as little as $1.

Stuff like the Ammo + Eden set, pictured — which, interestingly enough, is currently in my checked luggage, which we hope makes it to Santiago — was $39 and is now $25. Loose pigments were $20, but are now $1 each. Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses were $19, but are now $5 each.

Trust me, it gets EVEN BETTER than that, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been traveling for hours and have two glasses of wine in me.

So, get thee there now. And tell me what you find!

What do you think?

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