Wanderlust: Anna Sui/Tumi Luggage Collection

During better times, I am something of a road warrior.

As soon as my wings are unclipped, I want to get back out there, braving airport bars and invasive TSA — I miss them so!!! – and when I go, I hope to be accessorized with Anna Sui’s new line of luggage for Tumi.

Isn’t it purplelicious?!

The collection include a computer case, carry on bag, shoe bag and case tote. They range in price from $95 for the shoe bag to $595 for the carry on. You can find the luggage here on annasui.com and here on tumi.com – maybe at least a few pieces should be mine? What do you think?

Photo: Anna Sui

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  1. Doris Calvert

    OMG! I love these, they are gorgeous, what a great design, thanks for sharing:)

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