Twitter Giveaway: Win Yankees Tix to This Weekend’s Games!

HereA few weeks ago, a lucky few of my readers won pairs of Yankees tickets, and they were all on cloud nine. Almost all sent pix and tweets live from the action and many more coveted to be the next lucky winner.

It went so well that I’m excited to be able to do it again!

By way of a backup, a few weeks ago, I was the guest of MasterCard at Yankee Stadium so I could learn firsthand all about their new “Priceless NY” program, which offers one-of-a-kind experiences to cardholders.

Among the Priceless NY experiences is the opportunity to get a batter’s eye view at Yankee Stadium, and to that end, I’m giving away tickets to this weekend’s games against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Nine winners will score a pair of tickets to seats in the MasterCard Batter’s Eye section (amazing view from dead centerfield!). To enter:  Follow me (@alywalansky) & MasterCard (@MasterCard) on Twitter, and RT the giveaway – then, tell me about your own priceless moments – in NY, at a game, or otherwise – please include the hashtag #pricelessny. Also to earn extra entries (and a better chance of winning!) please go to  mastercard.com/pricelessnewyork and register (it’s free!).

These are the three games I have tickets for:

Friday, August 12: Starts at 7:05 PM vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Saturday, August 13: Starts at 4:10 PM vs. Tampa Bay Rays

Sunday, August 14: Starts at 1:05 PM vs. Tampa Bay Rays

You can only win tickets to one of these games, and the choice will go on a first-come, first-served basis. But please share your preference when you enter!  Deadline to enter is tomorrow (Wednesday, Aug 10) at 4:30 PM EST (winners will be notified immediately so they can send me their address and have their tix shipped asap)

Transportation is not provided, so please only enter if you can get to the game!


  1. Lilly

    Thanks for this amazing opportunity! I would love to win tickets for Friday August 12. This would be the best day ever ! The best #pricelessny moment ever! Thanks tweeting as @famous _chamaka

  2. Erin S.

    My most priceless NY Yankees moment happened last year. I took my mom (a die-hard fan) to a Yankees – Boston game for her 60th birthday. While the game was a great gift, I also arranged for them to wish her a happy birthday on the scoreboard. When the time came for it to show up, I asked her to look up and she freaked! She couldn’t believe that her name was up in lights. Then to top it all off, the fans sitting around us in the bleachers so her excitement and started singing Happy Birthday. It’s a moment neither she nor I will ever forget. I would love to get tickets to the game for this Friday. And I would take my mom as my guest.

  3. Tim

    Hmmm….best priceless moment? Way back when before UConn was great we won the NIT on the Garden floor. I was the mascot & got to cut the net down with the team…pretty cool.

  4. Angela Gilltrap

    What a great competition! I’d love to go to the Saturday game, August 13: Starts at 4:10 PM vs. Tampa Bay Rays.

    For me, going to my first baseball game as a new American is the most priceless moment. There is a certain magic you have to see to believe. My sister is flying in from Australia, this is her first trip overseas and the only thing she wants to do is see a Yankees game. Talk about a priceless moment in the making!

  5. samara

    my own #pricelessny moment was when i was younger and my dad took me to a yankees game, i was never into sports or watching games but the experience of seeing it in person with my dad was one of my favorite memories
    i would like to go Sunday, August 14: Starts at 1:05 PM vs. Tampa Bay Rays

  6. samara

    btw i follow on twitter samarac1187

  7. Teri

    My best #pricelessny moment was taking my son to his first Yankee game. He was thrilled to watch batting practice and actually get his shirt signed by a player. I followed both you and Mastercard on twitter. retweeted the sweepstake.
    I would prefer either Saturday or Sunday game but Friday is fine also.

  8. Julie Sharwtz

    I would love to win tickets for my uncle who has been the greatest mentor and more to me. HE has never been to a real live game but we have watched the games together and had a blast . MY #pricelessNy moment was when we spent those times together and I can look back now and remember all the smiles and laughter and lots of team spirit ………I follow both mastercard and you on twitter and fb ….@Waterbluffy

  9. Ktleen2

    Would love tix to Sat or Sundays games! Let’s Go Yankees! -@ktleen2

  10. Rob

    My #pricelessny moment was at a Yankee game during one of my 11 consecutive attended home losses. It was the top of the 9th inning, and the Yankees were losing a fairly lackluster game. From the section next to us, we heard a rhythmic CLAP CLAP -long pause-CLAP CLAP. It kept growing to the point we looked over to see what was going on. There was a little boy, maybe 5 years old, standing with a foam finger in the air, chanting “Let’s go Yankees, let’s go!” and the people around him were responding with the appropriate CLAP CLAP. As more people noticed, more people joined in, until everyone in two sections in either direction was clapping along. He kept going, seemingly unaware of what was growing around him. Unfortunately, even the pure innocence of youth was not enough to inspire the Yankees to win the game, but almost poetically, an opposing player hit a foul ball that landed 3 rows in front of the kid. The claps were quickly competing with the chant, “give it to the kid!, give it to the kid!”. The guy who caught the ball instantly climbed over and gave the ball to the kid, and everyone cheered. Of all the games I’ve attended, this is perhaps the most memorable thing I’ve witnessed.

    • Erin S.

      this just totally brought tears to my eyes! I love my Yankee fans :-)

  11. Christopher M.

    Thank you for the opportunity first and foremost. Last time I missed out on your contest, so I am grateful for another chance. The #pricelessNY moment that I tweeted from my twitter (@cjharlem) was from a game I attended w/ my Mom. My Mom doesn’t like sports, but she loves the Yankees. During that game, rather than leaving while the Yanks were down late in the game, she wanted to stay until the end, and we were fortunate enough to watch a great comeback and walk-off win by the Yankees- special moment! I can attend any of these dates, but Friday the 12th would be great! Thanks again, mcuh appreciated.

  12. joanne tortola

    Winning would be amazing! Haven’t had the chance to take my father to a game yet, and I know he would love to be there Saturday afternoon!

  13. kfloveinme

    I tweeted!

    My most priceless moment is hearing the Dr say after surgery..u r going to be ok! :-)

    Would love to go on Sat, August 13 or Sunday, August 14


  14. wendy wallach

    I follow everyone on twitter as required and tweeted this giveaway –

    I would choose the Saturday night tickets!

    My own priceless momemt would have to be my recent marriage in Las Vegas!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  15. wendy wallach

    The Mastercard link for the extra entries is now working for me

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