Today’s weird find: A BREAD BED?!

japanese-pocket-bed-breadWhile generally I’m all about any avenue existing that allows me to appreciate the mighty carb WITHOUT gaining weight, sometimes people are just a bit ridiculous.

For example, I have discovered Japanese online store named Felissimo is selling beds that resemble different breads.

(My desire? The sunflower seed baguette. They, however, did not consult me.)

There are tons of beds shaped like everything from toast and rolls to pastries. And, yes, no worries — you can TOTALLY get a red blanket inspired by your favorite type of berry jelly.

The pastry-shaped cushions can be foundĀ here. The bed breads cost 16,800 yen each, which is about $171 U.S. — quite a value, I suppose, though I’m not exactly sure how long you can cuddle with this before you began craving sushi pillows instead!

(OK, this is all terribly lame. But I’m high on NYQuil…what do you think???)

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  1. Haha this is crazy!

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