To everything there is a season

To Everything There Is a Season sang Pete Seeger in the late 1950s…and if that is true, I shudder to think of what this is the season.

But this week, a lot of really freaky stuff has gone down. Cosmically freaky.

Last week, Sarah and I — (begrudging?) fans of The Bachelor, if you may have noticed from Twitter —  were super excited to attend an intimate Herbal Essences lunch in honor of the final episode of the season.

It was a lunch full of amazing intel about the makings of the series and quality time with some of my absolute favorite Bachelor men — something I wish I was going into now. But there is something much bigger I need to share. Something that right now, is resonating way deeper within me.

gia-1376512210By now you all know what happened in that final episode, and it’s something I’m not going to get into because it was sort of a train wreck. But it was a really nice afternoon, a small table comprised of us and a few former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members.

For much of the lunch, I sat at one table across from Sarah, who was sitting beside Michelle Money, deep in conversation. On my side of the table, I sat beside another former Bachelor cast member I didn’t know very well — Gia Allemand.

Sitting beside each other, one on one, Gia and I made small talk before we realized we had some crazy childhood similarities in common. I mentioned I had been in Howard Beach, Queens at a friend’s brunch recently. She told me she was raised in Howard Beach. I mentioned a spot that had my favorite Italian food growing up  — she gasped, saying it was her favorite as well. We were strangers, really — having one of those NY moments where for a brief half hour of your life, you discover you have a laundry list of randomness in common with someone you’ve never seen before and will maybe never seen again. It was fun — she wasn’t a bachelorette, in that moment, but a girl around my age who had grown up near me whose life had randomly crossed with mine.

It may have been forgettable – a fun afternoon with people I hadn’t expected to ever get to know in that way – except, here we are a week later. Pretty much to the day.

Gia died today. Suddenly. Unexpectedly. And while I won’t even entertain the speculative details on the Internet — it’s not my place to, nor my right to — I wanted to share this little moment that could have been lost in time — but ultimately will resonate a lot longer. Life is made up of moments. Some that seem important at the time, others that become important later, but every one of those moments should always be cherished.

As my grandma always used to say…tomorrow, who knows.

RIP, Gia – you were beautiful, and had awesome taste in pizza, and one of many, many, too many people lost way too soon.


  1. Lily


  2. OMG that is absolutely tragic and heartbreaking!!! :(

  3. ravzie

    I’m so sorry, Aly. She seemed like such a sweet and obviously pretty girl. Sad she was so depressed and desperate.

  4. Nancy Reid

    As my grandma always used to say…tomorrow, who knows – is serious wisdom. I always say that life turns on a dime. I was very upset to hear of Gia’s death. Mental illness is a terrible disease! It knows no bounds and sometimes disguises itself very well. My prayers go out to all who are affected by this sudden and senseless death.


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