The sweet sounds of groceries…

While jumping between trips the last few weeks, my fridge has been suffering. As in, I own no food that can technically be counted as nutritious.

Last night, while in the car home from the airport, it was late, I was tired, and it was very attractive to me to order sushi — then I remembered how dirt poor I am right now (seriously, the life of a freelancer is to spend ALL your time chasing down invoices) – and I nixed it in favor of a pre-bed yogurt.

All this information is rather superfluous though, but it’s a roundabout way of sharing something incredibly nifty I’ve learned of via CES – Whirlpool unveiled a music playing refrigerator at CES 2013, called Cool Vox. The Bluetooth enabled fridge has speakers in the door!!!

What does this have to do with my bill-paying/grocery-buying situation? Absolutely nothing. But I will tell you that I’d be way more interested in the contents of my own fridge (vs. those of the friendly local takeout sushi place) if the fridge played MUSIC for me every time I opened it. Wouldn’t you?


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  1. ravzie

    That would be cool to have! I like appliances with all the bells and whistles, haha, so this would be awesome! I am going to have to buy a new fridge before too long. I’ll take a look at it!

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