Tales of life, loss, and technology (and my new computer!)

No, you guys, this isn’t one of THOSE posts where I wax poetic about the meaning of life and then say something really profound, followed by an association to footwear.

Rather, it’s a true story about perseverance in times of adversity.

And by adversity, I mean, technology biting me in the arse.

I spent last week in Nashville – a tale I totally planned on posting about as soon as I returned, but en route back to New York, my beloved MacBook Pro crapped out on me. Died. KABLOOM.

And, so, I cried.

I’d like to pretend I realize it’s just a thing and there’s more to life than that — but, lets face it, the Internet is my life. Without it, I do not work. Without work, I do not make money, and without money, I do not live.

Is it still melodrama if it’s true? It’s akin to the question of one is truly paranoid if people really are out to get them.

At the time, I had no idea what had befallen my (barely three years young) computer, only that it had mysteriously froze, and from that point on I could not get past the gray screen of death. I prayed — called in the advise and solace of my nearest and dearest — cried some more, and then tried to troubleshoot.

It was to no avail.

I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for this morning, hoping against hope for ONE stroke of solace — that, even if my computer could not be salvaged, my data could be. Three years of writing, photography, and music was on that computer, and in the life of a writer, that’s an unfathomable loss to bear. Even sadder would be that it was my own fault I hadn’t backed up in ages, and were I to lose that data, I’d only have myself to blame.

The verdict?

Well, my Macbook Pro WAS saved. However, the hard drive was fried beyond hope — and the data seems to all be lost. (I do have the old one still in my possession if anyone out there wants to play computer genius and try to retrieve my data for me!)

It’s really scary to think about your digital identity lost. Years of photos of really important people and places in my life…gone? Writing…gone? What does it say about the things that we hold dear, that it can be lost in the blink of an eye, and all because of our own carelessness?

It’s a really sour pill to swallow. And it’s a huge lesson learned. I’d like to say that I’ll never skip a backup again. Ever. But I also have a tendency of having a short memory when it comes to repeating my most debilitating mistakes.

That said, this post is not all sad and woe is me (because, honestly, do you care to read that on your Saturday night?) – but a tale of a new member of my family! Because while I still do have the original computer, while I was there, I bought myself the VERY travel friendly Macbook Air! I’ve been wanting it for a while, and lets be real – after that harrowing week of uncertainty, sadness, and doubt – did I not deserve a present? (You know, despite this whole thing being entirely my fault?)

Well, obviously!

Heed my lesson, you guys. As sexy as a new computer is, it can’t replace what I lost — or the knowledge it could have so easily been avoided. Back up now! Right now. I’ll wait as you get started…

More tomorrow from DETROIT! You may be wondering why I’m going there…but it’s related to a fun partnership I have brewing, you’ll learn more very soon!


  1. Camels & Chocolate

    You poor thing! I had the same thing happen to my Mac upon returning from Australia a few years back, and ever since, I back up weekly. I take one of those Ministations (mine was about $80 and 500GB) with me everywhere and back up on the road as I take pictures. It’s so portable and such a great way to protect yourself against technology glitches.

  2. Lianne

    My poor darling!! Once you get an external drive…you can set up automatic time machine backups….OR the apple time capsule does it wirelessly http://store.apple.com/us/product/MD032/time-capsule-2tb

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo L

  3. Alan

    I use both TimeMachine (local, full back up–best for hard drive crashes), and CrashPlan (remote back up of irreplaceable data–no OS or software, just my photos, docs, etc.–if my home burns or is robbed, that data’s STILL available for restore on a new computer). CrashPlan’s available for Mac OS, Windows and Linux computers, and is $5/month unlimited.

  4. Ravzie

    Rough one, hon. Thanks for reminding me to save the stuff I have!

  5. Deborah Curran

    I was so excited to read that they could fix it – until I read that your data is lost – that sucks!! you should consider buying a passport external drive and set a reminder on your phone to back up monthly.

  6. Nancy Reid

    ahhh glad to see everything worked out well for you. I cruised away to Hawaii for 15 days and am now getting caught up. Hope to visit Nashville one day. It has always been on my to go list. Take care. Always nice to see a smile on your face. xxo

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