Soooo Queen of the Damned: Liv-Chic Rococo Noir Bed

As I’m spending a ridiculous (i.e. every waking moment) at home of late, I have decided I should grow up my living quarters a bit.

That, or learn to embrace the undead. Can you get more outer-earthly drama than the Liv-Chic Rococo Noir Bed ($2,515, queen size)?

I used to be majorly into all things Anne Rice, and I can totally picture Lestat and Akasha (i.e. said Queen of the Damned) canoodling in a bed like this.

Hell, it’s downright classic – even cooler than any Anne Rice vampire.

Whatever, I’ve had enough of human theatrics – I need to drama up my bedroom (and nod to the immortals?) to a much hotter dare-I-say gothic-chic way, don’t you think?

What do you think?

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