Remember what I was saying about packing lightly?

Well, it should never replace packing SMARTLY.

And, one week into my two week foray, I am pretty sure I will not have enough undies to last me the week.

Also, while crossing airport security in Cancun, the straps on my <very expensive> purse was torn by the security belt. And, because I <smartly?> brought ONE purse, I now have a bit of a pickle.

So, the message in this? Absolutely streamline your packing. Bring no more than you need…but do allow for emergencies, and be prepared.

Also, if I could go back in time, I would have bought this Bandeau Dip Hem Dress($70) by Oh My Love for my trip —  it has the hi-lo hemline I am consistently drawn to of late with a fitted bodice top.

But, isn’t it so fierce? Couldn’t I wear it to the beach AND to dinner? Isn’t it a complete outfit and an accessory all within itself? YES. It’s streamlined by definition, AND incorporates my spirit animal, all at the same time.


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  1. Scarlette

    I always take a ‘just in case’ bag, you never know!

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