Giveaway: Penny for your thoughts (or, like a whole bunch of them)

I began penning this post yesterday, as I was sitting in an airport terminal, waiting for my flight home (you know it’s a quick turnaround when you can check in for your arriving and departing flights at the same time), and I can’t help myself from people watching.

I’ve always been something of a “yenta”( as my grandma would have put it )– I love observing from a far and trying to figure out the story going on behind a person’s often paper-thin facade.

And the best place to people watch? The airport, obviously. Don’t you wonder what people are thinking? What their fun secret indulgences are?

How ironic is it now I’m working on this post, about pennies for our thoughts (and a whole lot of them) — we have all been offered a penny for our thoughts, and now Serve is doing a really cool program where they offer 10,000 pennies ($100) to 100 Facebook fans in a new “10,000 Pennies for Your Thoughts” campaign.

How adorable is that, first of all?

(Yes, I know, I’m such a girl!!!)

To make it even more fun, Serve hooked up with various Facebook influencers from all ends of the spectrum — fashion, food, etc. to get their fans and friends involved in the pennies for your thoughts fun.  To do so, each influencer (me included) got to create top 10 lists, and have our readers and fans add suggestions for a chance to win 10,000 pennies ($100). Pennies for their thoughts, get it?!

To join in on the fun, visit  here to add your suggestions to the top 10 lists and for a chance to get 10,000 pennies ($100) for your thoughts. If your pick gets added to the top ten list (any of them!) you win 10,000 pennies!

For those of you not familiar — no shame in your game! – Serve is a digital prepaid account from American Express that makes paying and being paid simple. It is — basically — an alternative to debit and other prepaid cards that helps you to organize money, send and receive funds, and manage payment requests — all from a single, unified online account. So, in other words, you can use your account to split the bill, pay someone back, or collect money from friends via the Serve Facebook app, mobile app, text, or even email — meaning, and this is why I love it – your friend that never has cash finally has NO excuse not to pay you back.

So, want to see what MY top 10 list is? (If you join me in weekly Bachelorette tweeting, you will not be surprised….) – go check it out, and add in your own suggestions! 



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