Do you look to save (or splurge) during the holidays?

Last night, I was chatting with Sarah, and — as we are often to do during this (and every) season, we were sharing links of holiday gift must-haves.

PSA: You only have 12 shopping days until my birthday.

In our browsing, I came across this INCREDIBLE leopard-design KitchenAid mixer, and everything stopped.

KitchenAid launched these hand-painted, limited edition stand mixers for the holidays, which were created, numbered and autographed by graphic artist Dean Loucks. They come in this (amazing) Leopard (pictured above), Snow Leopard and Noir Leopard; a zebra-striped Serengeti model; a floral-inspired Golden Petals design; and Shimmer , which features Loucks’ signature blue flowers. The mixers cost $1,899 each and can be found here.


Actually, that’s not the issue at all — because even if I did win the lottery, I’d never spend close to 2K on a mixer, that’s pretty ridiculous no matter HOW awesome its design is — but it sort of segued into what IS the issue.

But seriously — this season (which begins TODAY – happy Chanuka to all of my brethren!) seems to bring a subconscious need to empty our bank accounts. There are so many gifts to give, so many treats to imbibe. Big holiday meals, Secret Santas, parties to dress for and gifts beneath the tree (er: menorah).

At this time of year, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the concept of splurging vs: saving, and there’s tons of advice I can give you for how to map out your season: Set a budget and stick to it, make gifts by hand, make charitable contributions for others and take the tax deduction yourself, emphasize experiences rather than things, shop around….

And so, while if you read the (upwards of dozens) of gift guides I’ve posted around my various writing haunts, you’ll see some pretty expensive items, remember many of those are WISH lists. The ultimate gift. For if you really want to (and can afford to) splurge – but there’s lots of ways to be thrifty and still have an amazing season! For some examples, check out the interview I did yesterday for BlogTalk Radio where I discussed some super budget-friendly fun holiday shopping finds – and how I save money during my own shopping!

That said: Go ahead, live a little. Buy that new gadget you don’t really need. Throw a party with all the trimmings, wear a new dress. Drink a few extra glasses of Champagne!  It’s the holidays! Indulge – and have fun!




  1. Ravzie

    OMG, ain’t that the cutest little thing? Your kitchen would be willd!!!

  2. lindacarol

    You need to get them to give you one to giveaway. and then just tell me about it.

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