Did you know you can flat iron your clothes?


Chances are you are a real grownup and own an iron. Or you are like me…and don’t. Either way, there’s a great way to save time and space — and it’s using your flat iron as a clothing iron!

No one believed me when I mentioned this on Twitter a few days ago, so I had to make a quick video to illustrate my point!


  1. Nancy Reid

    thanks for sharing Aly ! What a great idea!

  2. donna

    you sure can’t be real? you have no talent to talk to the public like we aRE 13 YEAR OLDS. you can use the flat iron but could have demoed it much better. Learn good english, and watch those facial expressions and you will go farther! I have done demos for 29+years and I know what i’m talking about. You’ll get more feedback that is positive if you clean up your act.

    • Donna

      no we are not all 13 and will benefit far more if you clean up your demos aand take care with the facial expressions, you’ll go farther! done this for 29+years I know what I am talking about.

  3. Betty Baez

    neat idea this will come in handy with hubbys shirt collars…and wtf is up her a#$ ^ if you dont like it dont read it and dont watch it

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