There Is a God: Mattel Cancels Kardashian Barbie Dolls

Let it be noted, I am a major Barbie fan — in fact, I’ve collected quite a few special ones over the years.

However, when I heard Mattel was rumored to be working on a line of Kardashian Barbie dolls, I was a bit…perturbed…I mean, really? Aren’t the Kardashian sisters overexposed as it is???

These plans have now been shelved, praise the lord. MTV reports that a Mattel rep told them that there are currently no plans in place to make Kardashian Barbies. Mattel said, “As popular as the Kardashian sisters are, at this point in time we are not manufacturing Barbie-branded Kardashian dolls.”

Another deal that recently fell apart for the Kardashians was the plan for a Kardashian-themed magazine that would be published by American Media Inc. MTV says that possibility fell apart because Kris Jenner wanted editorial control of the magazine. No shock there.

What do you think? Are you OVER the Kardashians???


  1. Debra B

    Now that is good news!! really, who wants a Barbie doll that has been fashioned from the likes of a KardAsssian??? I am so sick of hearing about those talentless bimbo’s that pretty much do nothing but whore themselves out ( for usually some ridiculous high amount & they are so NOT worth it) all while under their momma (the pimp’s) guidance, but I do feel sorry for poor Brucie he has to live under the same roof as that monster Kris (momma pimp) Jenner who has no idea of reality anymore, she believes they are the “brand” of the century and she’s shown us that she will at any cost push her girls toward making as much money as possible, in whatever way they can and where ever they can. Its really a shame she cant see past the dollar signs, and unfortunately there are too many people who are just fools that follow them around and worship them, OMG please!!!! I think I will go throw up

  2. nancy reid

    I was over the Kardashian’s a long time ago. Really ? a line of trampy sisters dolls. What do they do besides make sex tapes, have children out of wedlock and party? I wish them all well just get the H*LL out of my face already!

  3. Cheri

    Excellent–Let the role-models to little ones, be the women (and men) who actually DO THINGS in this world

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