The Most Affordable Blu-Ray Player You’ll Ever Find…

No, don’t get your panties all riled up — not giving one away (at least not YET), but Blu-ray player prices will fall to new lows on Black Friday, Nov 25.

Are you ready? The leaks are coming into my inbox fast and furious.

Fred Meyer had the lowest price for a Blu-ray player last year at $49.99 – in very limited quantities. Best Buy and Walmart both had Blu-ray players under the $70 mark last year.

This year, Walmart went below the $50 mark with the LG BD610 Blu-ray Player for $49. Fred’s has a Magnavox Blu-ray player for $49.95. Neither retailer may end up with the lowest priced Blu-ray player, as a leaked Best Buy Black Friday ad shows Best Buy offering a Toshiba BDX2150 Smart Blu-ray Disc Player for $39.99!!!

The deals are still coming, we have several weeks to go, so the prices may get yet crazier – but it’s time to organize your notes and do your research. Walmart will have a LG Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player for $89, Target will have a Sony Blu-ray Player for $79.99 and Best Buy will have a Samsung Wi-Fi Built-In Blu-ray Player for $99.99!!!

Will share more as I find more deals. I live for holiday shopping season!

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