Rainy Day Silver Linings: Joule Evedon Wellies

Does someone currently barely allowed to leave their home need ANOTHER new pair of wellies?

Even when I’m at my personal best, I hate the rain — and therefore, find galoshes to have a certain degree of guilt by association.

Generally, galoshes can’t help but be unattractive and rather utilitarian — but times are a-changing, and I’m beginning to find myself looking for EXCUSES to break out my wellies. (When I’m actually out like a human being, that is.)

So, obviously, the cuteness blew my mind when I came across these Evedon Wellies ($109) — pretty in purple is sweet enough, but can we just take a moment to behold the BOW? Seriously, the only way they could be any cuter is if I could wear them while frolicking around on a sunny day.

Which, come to think of it, I can. Live life for the moment, my friends.

What do you think?

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