Overcast skies (bright coats?)

Will 2013 be known as the year the Super Bowl was blacked out and New York Fashion Week was whited out?

Not so much because this historic blizzard ended up (at least in NYC) being your run-of-the-mill annoying, inconvenient messy snowstorm. Harmless, for the most part, but nevertheless unnecessary and bothersome.

Something pretty traumatic — in the first-world problems string of things — happened yesterday. I was en route to Lincoln Center for an early-morning show as the wet snow fell down around me, dressed (decidedly UNfashionably) in skinny jeans, a black puffer coat, and snow boots, when a street style photographer took my photo. As there’s no way in heck that’s getting me on any style kudos – I’m petrified I’ll soon be seen on a “dont’s” list. Perish the thought. Is there anything more mortifying?

Trust me, there were people who managed to do blizzard very well – and others of us who let Nemo have his say – but after the traumatic moment, I simply needed to take some time to resume my search for appropriate wet weather attire that is warm and functional but — is it possible? — cute.

I’ve never been a fan of the hoodless rain coat — or winter coat, for that matter — yes, we have hats and umbrellas, but I tend to LOSE EVERYTHING EVERWHERE, usually at the worst possible interludes. If everything is attached (or something unexpected happens) it’s useful to have it all in one place – and yet so many of the cuter coats I find, don’t have hoods!

Except this one I just came across — Short Rainy Day Mac from Boden ($104) — it’s lightweight, so maybe not your best bet for a blizzard like we have going on — but for your average cold, wet day? Perfect. Plus, imagine the fun you can have pairing perfect wellies! Chances are with this, I WON”T end up someone’s worst dressed list – which is, apparently, a new goal I have to shoot for.


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  1. I seriously doubt you are going to be on anyone’s worst dressed list. And I hate when random people take my picture!

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