Nerd Art: Blend Creations QR Code Necklace Pendant

I don’t know how it is where many you live, but here in New York City, it’s hard to turn a corner without seeing a QR code in a brochure or store window.

They are everywhere — and some of us think they are cool (we’re known as nerds) and others may not care enough to think beyond scratching their head.

If you love them, maybe kick the crazy up a notch with the the QR Code Necklace Pendant ($59) from Blend Creations.

You can choose from a few pre-scanned messages like, “Barcodes FTW” or create your own unique url. Be clever or be practical. You could keep your identifying info on your QR necklace in case of emergency–a perfect option for runners or travel time!

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  1. Melissa (Newbie Mum)

    That’s pretty cool!


  1. Blippar makes print ads POP! - Nerd InsiderNerd Insider - [...] I think QR codes are cool – I’ve seen them used on cupcakes, on bus stops, on necklaces, even…

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