Must Own Immediately: tokidoki Barbie!!!

Perhaps I am emotionally around 12 (I still read Sweet Valley High and just came from a Carnival Cruise fun-ship themed lunch) – but that doesn’t change that what I am about to show you is the most amazing thing since pod-based coffee pots.

But maybe, just maybe, in this particular piece of amazing, my child-like tendencies and adulthood have found a beautiful utopia where they can live as one in one fantastical way.

Behold..my beloved friends…the tokidoki Barbie ($50)!!!

Now, the majority of you reading this have never been inside my apartment, but for the half-dozen or so of you who have been who are reading this, you will realize that this reflects just about all of my style sensibilities.

(Feel free to judge. I just live by whim and you do not.)

She even dresses like me…and is carrying an awesome bag. And has a cute little dog and pink hair! She IS the me I wish to be, and in fact, I’d like to be her…

Hey, maybe THAT is my Halloween costume…

What do you think?

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