Marc by Marc Jacobs Bob’s Memphis Tote

Maybe it’s a long stretch of gloomy days (and I’m not necessarily speaking of the weather) or maybe it’s a bout of delusions of grandeur – but for several weeks now, I’ve been thinking — and by thinking, I mean fantasizing,  about the beautiful bright, vivacious color that is Bob’s Memphis two-tone leather tote ($530) from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I mean, seriously. Don’t even read a single gushing word I’m writing. Just browse upon it for a minute.

I’ve heard that colors influence moods – that’s why, for instance, hospitals use specific calming shades – and why, when I’m feeling down, obviously I need vibrant colors lift my mood. Right? It’s medicine. And cheaper than my actual medicine, ironically enough.

Plus it’s so buttery soft, I may just cuddle with it. And that’s like having a date. Which I hear is also quite good for lifting one’s mood…


  1. nancy reid

    Pretty colors but really ~ hot this Spring on the top shelf of the my closet next. Too trendy for me!

  2. Ravzie

    I love hot pink and orange together!

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