Lust Object: Shined Serpentine Scarf

Last weekend, I was in Edinburgh and fell upon Hotel Missoni.

Coming on the heels of the whole Target debacle, I can’t help but have Missoni on the brain.

And so, obviously, I am in a weakened state as I discover this Shined Serpentine Scarf ($155, Anthropologie.com). It’s not Missoni…but it really helps to quench that thirst.

It’s everything I seek in an accessory (if not a man) – it’s cheerful, stylish, and has plenty of staying power.

If I ever actually get married, and have babies, I’d pass this down to my daughter, just so she could have a bit of bright and beautiful designer in her life as well. It’s for the future, you see…


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  1. LJ

    This is indeed by Missoni

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