Love at First Sight: Tiffany Bella Clutch

After a terrible winter, it’s summer — and I’m sure you’ll agree nothing says summer like fun, vibrant colors and sexy nights out with the ones you love.

The incredibly sexy (and yet adorable!) Tiffany Bella Clutch is available in chartreuse, sea rose, and Tiffany Blue, and I’ll be blunt — any serious Tiffany & Co. fan needs to own it immediately.

You may even recognize the Bella clutch as being modeled after the iconic little blue box we all dream of one day receiving from said one we love. How can they NOT be a summer must have?

Obviously, the Tiffany Blue shade is the darling of the collection, but there’s no way I’d ever sneeze at either of the others either.  ($1,195, available now.)

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  1. Ellyn

    This bag is absolutely adorable!

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