Latest Barbie Need: “I Can Be President” Doll

Because I CAN.

Or not, but I really want to be able to wear Barbie’s suit (in burrito-eater’s proportions) — but I am smitten with the latest Barbie – the I Can Be… President doll.

If I was going to throw my hat in the ring for the oval office, it would, much like Legally Blonde (as well) be pink — as is apparently Barbie’s.

Barbie’s campaign platform calls for girls of all ages to “B inspired,” “B informed” and “B involved.” She’s running with the “B Party,” you see.

To further deliver her message, Barbie will continue to partner with The White House Project – a national, nonpartisan women’s leadership development organization – from the presentation of the “Barbie I Can Be Award” to a young girl at the organization’s annual awards gala to a “Take Your Daughters to the Polls” movement in November.

Barbie gets around – she’s had over 130 careers (and she still doesn’t have a wrinkle!)  Check out some of her careers here.

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  1. ravzie

    Isn’t that Elle Woods??? LOL

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