Just in case you NEED to own zigzags: Point Person Scarf

Even though I’m home and stupidly sick, I was up with the crows yesterday morning to see Missoni for Target launch.

And, of course, I was also there to see the site immediately crash. And myself not get anything.

So, obviously I hit eBay this morning to search forĀ  Target Missoni – just out of morbid curiosity, I confess.

If you do so as well, you’ll notice tens of thousands results — and just about all of them cost WELL more than they would have in the store. In fact, they are encroaching on what REGULAR Missoni costs at this point.

So, if your heart is broken, and your soul is sick (like mine) — you can have something with zigzags on it right now anyway, such as this Point Person Scarf from ModCloth. It’s only $18, and while it’s not the same, it’s a pretty fabulous consolation prize.

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  1. Ravzie

    What’s the big deal with this stuff? I think most of it is fugly!!!! JMHO

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