I Wish I Could Validate These Cobra Society Thigh Boots…

You guys, I don’t know what is wrong with me.

I have no problem living in a 4th-floor-walkup 300-sq-foot apartment, accepting my vocation is creative but yet not big with the liquid-fundage – and yet, I see a great pair of boots that I can’t come close to affording, and I try to validate adding them to my fall wish list.

Obviously, my fall wardrobe’s success is dependent on my ownership of thigh-high leather. But if it can be extra special and draw the center of attention in my direction (obviously my always-goal), why can’t I have these Hand-Woven Wool and Brushed-Leather Thigh Boots ($1,195) by Cobra Society?

What I love about these, too, is that they do all the work for me – seriously, ANY complicated outfit would look overdone with these boots. But perhaps tights and a black mini, or skinny jeans? Brilliant.

What do you think?

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