Gothically Bejeweled: Betsey Johnson Spider Multi Charm Necklace

This past weekend as I was packing for Scotland, I was doing a bit of research (i.e. Wikipedia – I’m rather low-brow in that way) and I discovered the Scottish pretty much created Gothic style.

This made it obvious to me that I had to pack my Betsey Johnson Spider Multi Charm necklace for the voyage!

I’m sure it was meant to be for Halloween – and it will be used for that as well – assuming I don’t follow my fabulous tradition of losing all my favorite belongings in random countries -but the Betsey Johnson Spider Multi Charm Necklace ($65), is perfect for Scottish fare (so I read, I’ve never been here before!) – which calls for something a bit darker and Gothic.

I’m not used to Betsey being so dark – we share a love of ruffles and pink and polka dots – but I AM used to her fitting all my needs, including those I didn’t even know I needed – and this fits in perfectly!

Bon voyage, indeed!


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