Best beach towel ever: Sourpuss Tiki Party Beach Towel

As the summer will find me in the Hamptons (or the surrounding areas) three times and Mexico once, I’m really thinking I should amp up my beach attire.

As bathing suits really aren’t happening for me — for a variety of reasons — it’s all about the accessories.

Please tell me that this towel is not the cutest towel EVER?  I double dare you.

This Sourpuss Tiki Party Beach Towel ($18), which features Sailor Jerry-styled hula girls, tiki heads, is everything. It’s everything I love about the beach and being alive.

(Truth: I don’t actually love much about the beach. Or sun. Or sand. But when in Rome….)

(Actually, I’d far rather be in Rome than any beach anywhere. But if I’m going to be on a beach, I’m going to have an awesome towel. The end.)

What do you think?

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