A million and one reasons I need the Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat’s-Eye sunglasses

It’s late October, and no one is thinking of sunshine. In fact, everyone and their mother is stocking up with bottled water and carbs in preparation for this season’s disaster du jour – Sandy — otherwise known as “the perfect storm,” due to hit New York City and kill us all this Monday.

OK, I jest – Sandy won’t kill us. We have a good month before the Mayan pre-destined death decree hits.

But, it’s going to be nasty, and so the last thing on people’s minds is, well, the sun.

Except mine — because my dear friend Amber and I just confirmed tickets today for Sao Paulo for January, and that’s all I personally care to think about right now.

It’s been a dark year — sunshine is the light from my tavern of shadows, and if I’m going to have the most awesome January ever, might as well celebrate it as fabulously as possible. For that reason, I needed to order myself a present — and in this case, that’s  Kate Spade New York Franca Printed Plastic Cat’s-Eye Sunglasses ($128).

Aren’t they incredibly cute? I love purple, and these are fantastically dramatic, don’t you think?

What do you think?

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